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Radiant Travels Private limited was founded by its Founder Chairman and Managing Director CLICK INDIA TRAVELS in the year 1956. a science graduate from Forman Christian College, Lahore, was very fond of traveling and visiting places right from his school and college days and had been personally familiar with many of the tourist centers.

It was a period when no Infrastructure or tourist facilities were available. In fact when Radiant Travels was founded most people in this area were not even aware of what a Travel Agency in Delhi really was. At that time there was no direct or good road to Sanchi. Tourists could visit the famous monuments from Bhopal via Raisen and a road to the top of the hill was constructed in 1954, When 2500th Birth Anniversary of Lord Buddha was celebrated, such an important place like Sanchi was not even on the tourist map of India. There was no road to  used to take even Foreign Tourists on bullock carts to cover the last two miles.

This used to be a novel experience for the Tourists and was very much appreciated by them, there was no Directorate of Tourism or MP Tourism in Madhya Pradesh at that time himself brought out picture post cards and brochures of various places of tourist interest and circulated them all over India and abroad. Since developing tourism in the state with no infrastructure or facilities was a hard task, also joined hands with her husband and served the Company as its Executive Director. Today Radiant Travels is the biggest Travel Agency in DELHI. (Director Tours), after graduation and completing his course in tourism and undergoing training in this field, joined the company in 1983. After serving in different departments of the trade, he was appointed as Director Tours in charge of handling inbound tours.